Lira is a utility token used to purchase goods or services.


Lira Financial aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies including mining rewards, farming
rewards, and liquidity provisioning. Mining equipment can be both costly and harmful to the environment, but mining remains of interest due to the opportunities afforded by it. As an easy alternative to mining rewards, we propose allowing users to participate with DEX Liquidity Pools. Another challenge remains to facilitate and maintain liquidity on decentralized exchanges. By nature, decentralized exchanges require liquidity for user participation, thus the responsibility is on the developers to provide it. Historically, developers created incentives aimed at
users to provide liquidity which can be outweighed by risk due to the subjectivity of impermanent loss. As a solution, we propose utilizing reserve funds capture liquidity to be used on the decentralized exchanges and held in custody independent from user possession. Additionally, a smart contract that provides the capability not only to mint, but also to burn tokens can promote scarcity by reducing the total supply. Together, the combination of these tokenomics may afford far superior benefits for the community within the decentralized venue. Allowing these functions to be amplified and dependent on
volume provides an ideal incentive to expedite adoption and foster new use case



Emanuele aka MacGyver

Chief Executive Officer


Mister X

Mister X

Marketing Manager


Full stack dev



Community Manager


Phase 1

Concept Design (done)

Website Launch (done)

Launch BSC (BEP-20) Chain Token (done)

Launch Cronos (CRC-20) Chain Token (done)

Launch Ethereum (ERC-20) Chain Token (done)

Launch Polygon Chain (MRC-20) Token (done)

Launch Avalanche C-Chain (ARC-20) Token (done)

Launch Fantom Chain (FRC-20) Token (done)

Sale & Airdrop BSC/ETH/CRO/MATIC/AVAX/FTM (done)

Social Media Channels (done)

Marketing Strategy (done)

Community Building (done)

Whitepaper (done)

Phase 2

EVM Contracts Move/Update to ERC-20 Standard (done)

Launch Solana Chain (SOL) Token (done)

Strata Launchpad on Solana Chain (SOL) (done)

Launch Tron Chain (TRC-20) Token (done)

Sale & AirDrop on Tron Chain (TRC-20) (done)

Launch Waves Chain (WAVES) Token (done)

Launch Terra 2.0 & Classic Chain (CW-20) Token (done)

Pull-Merge Request on Terra 2.0 & Classic Chain (CW-20) (done)

Sales & AirDrop on Terra 2.0 & Classic Chain (CW-20) (done)

De-Fi Exchange Listing (done)

Phase 3

Lira DEX Staking & Farming Pools (done)

Tier 4 Exchange Listing (done)

 Coinpaprika Listing (done)

 Launch Lira’s NFT (done)

 Various Ads (done)

 Improve Social Media Presence (done)

 Surprise Event (done)

 Marketing Campaigns (done)

Phase 4

 Website v2 (done)

 Audit (done)

Lira Swap

Influencer onboarding

Tier 3 Exchange Listing

 Tier 2 Exchange Listing

 CoinMarketCap Listing (in progress)

 CoinGecko Listing (in progress)

Phase 5

Metaverse Game

NFT Marketplace


How To Buy Lira

ȽIRA is available to Swap in DeFi Crypto Exchanges (DEX) and also for Trade in Crypto Exchanges (CEX)


BSC (BEP-20) 0xA80a006A48dc7203EB3AA7E0b3816918d242CFC4

ETH/CRO/MATIC/AVAX/FTM 0x8031c44b96Ec8c9B66aB16c2c164e8dEEb361a3f

SOLANA (SOL) 8Qx33mx7yGZ3QaDoshVNAx8ojj1J9kzfvwpSWdHBqsBM

TRON (TRC-20) TVmQz4tGg1K4ufyjsMJDwYnYLCR7UaMsu1

WAVES ADV9FPGKFmCqxfta6vyieBasC1kDtLczYjjLw1NtDQko

TERRA 2.0 (CW-20) terra1ee4g63c3sus9hnyyp3p2u3tulzdv5ag68l55q8ej64y4qpwswvus5mtag2

TERRA CLASSIC (CW-20) terra1kn85pdmrhhk2upjj8hf97lx3w3jg6gyzasyksp



Ethereum / BSC / Cronos / Polygon / Avalanche / Fantom / Solana / Tron / Waves / Terra / TerraClassic

Steps to setup on your wallet (BSC example) – See also on HowTo Videos

Step 1

Create a Wallet

Download a Wallet and follow the steps to make your wallet. Always remember to keep the 12-word or 24-word seed phrase a secret! Nor the private key! Do not share them with anyone ever! We will never ask you for your seed phrase or private key, ever!

Step 2

Purchase BNB

You can purchase BNB seamlessly through DeFi exchanges in a few simple steps.

Click on the “Buy” button at the top of the app and select Smart Chain (BNB). Continue through with the purchase. This step is not instant and may take a few minutes to complete your transaction. Just be patient!

Step 3

Swap BNB for Lira

Click on the swap button at the bottom and ensure that the slippage is at 10% and enabling Expert Mode if necessary. Select Smart Chain (BNB) in the top slot and Lira (LIRA) in the bottom slot. Just click swap!